Over the last few months I completed and testing the second version of IP Notifier. The new version does not requires any login credentials as all the emails are being send through a web-server. Among the many new features are the support for Windows up to 8.1, gadget window and shortcodes. Read More and Download

MediaCrush makes sharing media super easy and super fast. You can upload images, audio, and video for fast, reliable hosting with none of the usual nonsense.

Upload Limit: 25mb

MediaCrush is totally open source.

Stalingrad movie visual effects

The visual effects of the intense Stalingrad movie made by Main Road Post.

MindCipher is a social repository of the world’s greatest brain teasers, logic puzzles and mental challenges.


Drone controller

Drone is an open source bluetooth game controller designed for bluetooth devices. One controller for all your gaming!

Button Layout: Dual analog sticks, Dpad, 2 bumpers, 2 triggers, Start, Select + A,B,X,Y buttons

Battery: Rechargeable lipo battery

Bluetooth: Bluetooth connectivity allowing you to connect to all your bluetooth devices

Open Source: Hack, Learn to code, write custom game configs. We have just released the Open Beta 1.0 firmware under the Apache License.

by evolutioncontrollers.com

The Solar System

Learn the very basics of the solar system

From 2d Photoghraph to 3d Object

Demonstrated at Siggraph Asia 2013, the software only requires the user to define the three dimensions of an object in a photo by swiping along them with a mouse cursor. Everything else, from generating and texturing the 3D model, to extracting it from the 2D photograph, are all handled by the software. [Gizmodo]